Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus

This traditional song is great on its own - it's also marvelous for changing up with new themes.

I always ask the kids to suggest the animals, insects, etc. and we usually get more or less the same creatures so it's easy to remember the actions for them. If some enterprising smart aleck suggests a sea cucumber (True story. He was four.) ask them what the animal does and make them come up with the action. Some of our favorite themes include:
  • The creatures in the ocean (this is the one we use most often) (I added photographs to this one to make it a flannelboard)
    • The whales in the ocean go spout, spout, spout (put hands on head and then "spout" into the air)
    • The crabs in the ocean go pinch, pinch, pinch (only if you're sure your audience won't pinch each other!)
    • The dolphins in the ocean go leap, leap, leap (have to have an old enough group to all leap in the same direction. This is very important)
    • The fish in the ocean go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle (put hands together and wiggle your whole body)
    • The shark in the ocean goes chomp, chomp, chomp (make a giant mouth with both arms and open and close them)
  • The animals in the jungle
  • The parts of the robot
  • The animals on the farm
More Resources

I consider Raffi's version (included in Rise and Shine) to be the ultimate wheels on the bus and of course there are lots of picture book versions
  • Wheels on the bus by Raffi, illustrated by Sylvia Wickstrom
  • Wheels on the bus go round and round by Annie Kubler
  • Wheels on the bus by Jane Cabrera
  • Wheels on the bus by Paul Zelinsky
  • Seals on the bus by Lenny Hort

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