Monday, April 22, 2013

The Biggest Thing in the World

This is an adaptation of The Frog and the Ox by Aesop

Before we start, we all stand up and practice our movements. A round pond (circle arms in front of yourself), lots of little frogs (small hops) and one Big Frog (puff out your cheeks and hold out your arms).

Once upon a time there was a little pond, and in that little pond lived a lot of little hoppy frogs and one big bullfrog. One day, the little frogs decided to go for a walk. They went hopping down the road until they saw something. It had long horns, and a long tail, and four huge legs, and a big metal thing that went, "clang, clang!" They went hopping, hopping, hopping back home as fast as they could and landed in their small pond with a SPLASH. And they said to the big bullfrog, "We have seen the BIGGEST thing in the world!"
"Oh, no you haven't." Said the bullfrog. "I'm the biggest thing in the world!"
And he puffed himself up, "Was it this big?"
"Oh, no it was much bigger!"
The bullfrog puffed himself up even more, "Was it this big?"

(You can keep doing this as long as you have breath to puff and can stand on your tiptoes with your arms stretched out. The kids will happily giggle at you no matter how many times you do it)

The bullfrog puffed himself up bigger, and bigger, and bigger until...

BAM! (clap hands) He burst!

Even if you're a big frog in a small pond, you're still just a frog.

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